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Each state has its own laws and requirements. Therefore, if you live in a different state, the requirements may be different. Below you will find a list of state requirements you should be aware of before you move to Colorado.
1. Becoming a Resident of Colorado: After a move to Colorado you become a resident when you start employment and obtain a Colorado Drivers License and Colorado Vehicle License Plates. You may register to vote at the same location that you obtain your licenses. If you do not register to vote at that time, you can register almost any weekday at the local County Clerk’s office where you reside.
2. School Registration: Public school registration will vary by county and district. It is best to contact the district early to verify what they will require. It’s a good idea to keep birth certificates handy. Some schools may require transfer of previous school records, which can take from 14 to 30 days. Private schools will have different requirements that should be checked prior to moving, if possible. Colorado’s higher education institutions have instate tuition available. To be eligible, you must reside in Colorado for 12 months, after formally meeting the residency requirements as stated above.
3. Driving in Colorado: Once you start work, the state of Colorado requires you to obtain a Colorado Drivers License and Colorado Vehicle License Plates within 90 days.
4. Vehicle Registration: Within the 90 day period, you are required to license all vehicles garaged in Colorado. The license and owner’s tax fee is based on the vehicle age and value. For example, a 1992 vehicle costing $19,000 will be licensed for $25 plus owner’s tax of $399. Each year the owner’s tax will decrease.
To obtain your registration you must register your car in the county where you live and you must bring the following items:
1) A valid emissions sticker and a form DR2411 showing verification of your vehicle number. Both of these are available from an Emissions Inspection Station.
2) Vehicle title and registration.

A Colorado State vehicle inspection is required on all vehicles purchased with an out-of-state title.

Fees may be paid by check, cash or money order.

5. Titles: In order to title your vehicle, you must show proof of purchase with sales tax paid in a previous state, or you will be subject to Colorado sales tax. You will be assessed a state tax of 3%, plus county and city tax at your home address. City and county taxes vary and can amount to as much as an additional four and a half percent of the purchase price. The total sales tax can be as high as seven and one half percent.
6. Collectors Plate: To qualify for a Collectors License Plate, your vehicle must be 25 years or older. If you purchase the plate for a five year period, the charge is $125. Collector’s vehicles dated 1960 or newer must still pass emission tests.
7. Insurance: Vehicle insurance coverage is mandatory in the state of Colorado and will be verified at the time of vehicle registration. The mandatory liability minimum in Colorado is $25,000 bodily injury, $50,000 per accident, and $15,000 property damage.
Driver License Offices Metro Area
Full Service Offices:
Aurora: 14391 E. 4th Avenue (303)-344-8400
Boulder: 2850 Iris Avenue #F (303-442-3006
Brighton:1527 East Bridge (303)-659-5055
Castle Rock: 927 North Park Street (303)-688-4625
Denver: 1935 West Mississippi Avenue (303)-937-9507
Evergreen: 3995 Highway 74 (303)-674-4152
Thornton: 8980 North Washington (303)-287-8033
Express Offices:
Aurora: 1307 South Joliet (Buckingham Mall) (303)-337-5872
Littleton: 8501 West Bowles Avenue (Southwest Plaza) (303)-973-2926
Westminster: 5433 West 88th (Westminster Mall) (303)-426-9683
Limited Service Offices:
Arvada: 7450 West 52nd Avenue (303)-425-4638
Aurora (SE): 13736 East Quincy (303)-693-4642
Denver (Five Points Plaza): 2736 Welton (303) 292-9310
Denver (RTD Plaza): 1560 Broadway (303)-839-1829
Lakewood: 12364 West Alameda Parkway #Z (303)-986-2742
Littleton: 311 East County Line Road (303)-795-5954

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